Adjustable solid dog bone 2.8 liter V-6




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I changed the design some. I ran out of the aluminum side pieces so now they have aluminum split collars.

This, IMO, is actually a better design.




Adjustable solid dog bone

New product for those with V-6 Fiero's.

High quality Heim type swivel end links. Side spacers are anodized aluminum. All parts zinc plated or anodized. 

My story on using a solid adjustable dog bone:

When I bought my 88 Mera it was a V-6 automatic. Soon after buying it I took out the original GM dog bone and installed a poly dog bone. It added a nice vibration to my 88 Mera. It made it feel like it was a high performance engine when I was at a standstill in drive. This is because the torque converter has some drag and this in turn transmits some engine vibration to the chassis. A few years after buying this 88 Mera I changed it to a Getrag 5 speed. In doing this I lost this shake as I now did not have a torque converter. I really missed this shaking. I tried to get it back by making solid aluminum bushings for my dog bone but that did not change anything. Since changing to a solid bog bone seemed to be the same as the poly dog bone I decided to make adjustable solid dog bones. Most or all V-8 Fiero’s are solid mounted. There is little if any difference between using a solid dog bone over a poly dog bone. Those with stick shifts should feel little or no extra vibrations. Those with automatics will feel the slight vibrations but only when in gear and at a complete stop. Once you start moiving the vibrations stop.



The side pieces are there because the end links like to tilt over as you drive. The side pieces have just enough room to let the end links swivel some if need be to make up for any offsets in the engine to chassis and then to keep the end links pointing up.

Length:   99 mm min. - 118 mm max.   (bolt hole center to center)

 V-6 Fiero Solid Dog Bone Kit: $52.99



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