1988 Fiero Zero Lash End Links







This is the next generation of sway bar end links.


You can now enjoy the full potential of your sway bar with these new "No Play" sway bar end links. Based on a ball and socket design similar to ball joints these next generation end links have no play. They follow any and all angular movements of the sway bar and swing arm.

Short Zero Lash End Link Long Zero Lash End Link




Rubber bushings are typically utilized in OEM sway bar end link applications, and they work fine for everyday driving. Many driving enthusiasts switch these bushings for polyurethane to provide quicker reactions. However, polyurethane tends to bind as the bushing's angle changes in relation to the sway bar. Compression and decompression can also be problematic as cornering forces increase, altering suspension geometry and handling characteristics. Zero Lash End Links follow all angular changes in the sway bar in relation to the swing arm with no binding and with no play under compression and decompression.



Conventional End Link Zero Lash End Link



These end links weigh approximately the same or slightly heavier than OEM sway bar end links of the same length. Typically they may be about 10% heavier.




1988 Front: 136 mm (not including the threaded studs)

1988 rear: 81 mm (not including the threaded studs)


This is the length of the body of the end link minus the threaded studs:


Easy to install.





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