Fiero Tachometer Filters



  Fiero Tachometer Filters

Non OEM Replacement Tachometer Filter

GM is out of stock on Fiero tach filters.  This is the round "can" in front of the coil of the V6.  If your tach does not work or acts funny, this may be the problem.  Easy to install and requires no cutting or splicing.  Plugs directly into the factory harness. Not an exact replica but it works the same as the original. A direct replacement on ALL years of the 2.8 V6 and the 84-86 2.5 L4 Fiero motor.
(87-88 L4's do not have a tach filter)


New OEM look Fiero tach filter. This is a direct replacement for the OEM tach filter. The connector is the correct design to just plug into the factory wiring harness. Very similar in design to the factory tach filter.

OEM Look Tachometer Filter

Note: Electrical parts. Not returnable



1. V6.  On the 2.8 liter V6, the tach filter is located next to the ignition coil. It is the round aluminum/black cylinder with the 2 white wires coming out of it.  It is bolted down with a large sheet metal bolt that is also holding the coil mounting bracket.

2.      L4. On the 84-86  “Iron Duke,” the tach Filter is located below the coil and is bolted to the transmission.  There is no tach filter on the 87-88 L4 with the DIS ignition.


Although these tach filters look different internally they are exactly the same.


Fiero Tach Filters

  • Non-OEM Style:          $18.95
  • Factory OEM Style:    $39.00






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