Getrag V-6 5 Speed Transmission Replacement Cables




 Quality replacement V-6 5 speed cables for your Fiero!

Most aftermarket Fiero cables available today have proven to be very poor quality. They also have little or no heat shielding. Heat is the single biggest factor in Fiero manual transmission cable failures. Over time heat makes the inner cable swell making the cable hard to move. Original GM cables had a very thick multilayer heat shielding wrap on them. Few if any GM cables are still available. I have these cables custom made for me and they are very good quality. Although my cables are very heat resistant they also (more importantly) have a similar multilayer heat shielding wrap on them. My cables offer several other advantages. See notes below.  
Getrag V-6 5 Speed Fiero Shift Cable
Getrag V-6 5 Speed Fiero Select Cable



  • Black sheathing just like OEM.
  • OEM style heavy duty insulation.

Note: The select cable is the one that provides the side to side motion of the gear shift. This is the thinner diameter cable. The shift cable is the larger diameter cable.

Cables are sold by a few others but mine have a few notable differences:

If you buy this cable from someone else it will have a very thin paper thick heat shielding on it. The reason cables fail in time is from heat soak (exhaust pipes, coolant tubes and hoses and engine heat). My cables have a very heavy multi-layer aluminum skinned ceramic blanket like OEM cables. This ensures a long cable life. Factory cables have a thick heat shielding on them for a reason. Long life.

My Getrag cables are made to the correct length. Others advertise that they are adjustable and expect that you will make them the correct length after you receive them.  Mine are ready to install. No guess work involved.

All my cables include a new chrome plated ball stud. My competitors expect you to use the old rusty and worn (most likely now undersize) ball stud from your old cable. This will leave you will looseness on that end of the cable.

You will need to reuse your original rubber firewall grommet. To remove it from your old cable take a razor knife and cut in to it up the old cable sheathing (halfway into the rubber grommet). Reinstall the rubber firewall grommet on the new cable.

Year Trasmission Type
1984 Only   L4 MY8 and M19 Muncie 4 speed
1985-1986   V-6 Muncie M17 4 speed
1985-1988   L4 MT2 Isuzu 5 speed
1986-1988   V-6 MG2 Getrag 5 speed

NEW!   My Getrag Fiero shift and select cables are now specific made to fit the V-6 5 speed Fiero. They are close reproductions of the GM factory original Getrag shift and select cables. In time all my cables will be like this. The price is also much lower. Just $89.95 for the Getrag select cable! I now also have this type of cable for the Getrag shift.  The Getrag select cable is in the picture below.


OEM GM part numbers:

Shift cable: GM 10066448

Select cable: GM 10054258


Update on the Getrag select cables: My Getrag V-6 5 speed Fiero select cables all have a rubber boot on them now. Of all the shifting cables on all the Fieros ever made this is the cable that needs a rubber boot yet GM did not make them with a rubber boot.



My new Fiero shift cables are as awesome as advertised!  Absolute top quality & perfect fit.  I won’t hesitate to do business with you again; you’ve earned my loyalty.

Thank You!

Gary George Jr.



Installation suggestion:

The best way is to take the center plastic skeleton completely out. The plastic skeleton tends to be brittle now that these cars are so old. If you try to install the cables with it in place you may break it. To take it out you need to remove the radio and heater control. To get the heater control out disconnect the cable from the heater box (one hex head screw) in the passenger wheel well. Remove the shift console top and the arm rest. Carefully remove the plastic skeleton. Now you can remove and replace the cable(s). Once the cables are out use a razor knife and cut half way into the rubber grommets. Remove the grommet(s) from the cable(s) and install them on the new cable(s). Install the new cable(s) and reinstall the skeleton and the rest of the items you removed. Be gentile when tightening the screws. Tighten them just enough to hold as the plastic is getting brittle and it is easy to strip out the holes and/or crack the plastic.



Another installation suggestion:

Buying my replacement cable retaining clips might be a worthy investment.  When I change cables in Fiero's removing the factory spring steel retaining clip is seriously difficult. Reinstalling it is also difficult. You might consider buying my replacement cable clips. They go on and off very easy:





They are zinc plated black. I have to update my pictures on this page. 





Getrag V-6 5 speed Fiero manual transmission replacement cables:

  • Shift cable (front to back movement):    $109.99
  • Select cable (left to right movement):    $99.95


Cable lengths:     Shift cable is about 62 1/4" overall

                            Select cable is about 74" overall


6 speed (F40/F43 Etc.) swap note: Some have used 2 of my select cables for the 6 speed swaps in their Fiero. My old cables had the removeable ball stud. My new cables do not (the ball stud will not come out of the aluminum socket). If you are doing a 6 speed swap please let me know and I will change the ends to steel ends that go over a ball stud so they fit the shifting lever ball studs of the 6 speed. $5.00 extra added per cable to change the ends.  Also note: If you use a Fiero Getrag select cable as a shift cable it is not as strong as a shift cable and will not hold up as well as a shift cable depending on how hard you like to shift. How you make your brackets and stuff is also a factor.


Use the dropdown box to select SHIFT or SELECT cable.



Getrag select cables on sale: Occasionally have some various reduced price shift and/or select cables.  Some are just slightly tight. They move but not 100% freely. In most cases it is a rubber piece that is probably squashed slightly too much internally on the ends and it bulges inward dragging on the inner cable. This is very minimal. Once installed this drag will be barely noticeable (if any at all) and will no doubt diminish over time and use and completely go away over time. I have several Getrag select cables on hand now.






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