84-86 Headlight Motor Brushes


Replacement brushes for the 84-86 headlight motors

(Also fits 82-86 Pontiac Firebird)


These are to replace the brushes on the 84-86 headlight motor brush/contact assemblies. Use electrically conductive glue and glue them on the arms of the brush/contact assembly.

These are about 100% larger so there is more surface for the glue to adhere to. Their size is 0.185" x 0.330" or 4.8 mm x 8.4 mm.



There is a guy on eBay that sells the electrical glue. This is his eBay name:


Also you can search for his products on ebay. Use this phrase:




I now have in stock some electrically conductive 2 part adhesive.

Someone posted they tried it and liked it. The instructions tell you to burst the center seal mix the whole bag. This can make replacing all 4 brushes at one time difficult. Possibly you can cut the corners of the bags and squeeze out some of each of the material. I say that because if you want to do all four brushes at once you have to lay the contacts down and the brushes may not stay in place. See my tips below.



 A note on this adhesive:

The silver part is much larger than the clear liquid part. The clear liquid part is also very low viscosity like water.  My suggestion is to use a plastic surface on a very level surface to mix it. Cut of a small amount of one corner of the clear liquid end and put an equal amount of drops in 2 piles. Do the same for the silver material. Mix one batch and do 2 brushes. Lay the brush/contact so the brush arm is level lays on top of the arm. Apply some of the adhesive and set the brush on the arm. Clamping it, in my opinion, pushes all the glue out. When cured mix the second batch and do the other 2 brushes.



Read about it here:



$9.98 for a set of 4 brushes. This is enough to do both headlight motors. Each motor uses 2 brushes.


$14.50 per glue packet.




Core requests: Stan Miller rebuilds many headlight motors. Stan has a hard time finding cores. If you have any old headlight motors or parets of headlight motors you do not need Stan will buy them from you. Contact Stan Miller at: stan8t8gt@aol.com



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