1988 V-6 and L4 with A/C Rubber Heater Core Hoses




Reproductions of the 1988 Pontiac Fiero 2.8 V-6 with A/C heater core hoses. These hoses have been discontinued by GM and are not available in the aftermarket.

Hoses for the 1988 Fiereo for non A/C applications are still availble in the aftermarket. If they are at some point discontinued I will look at having reproductions made.


To make this easier I have one page for the front compartment rubber heater core hoses and one page for the large radiator coolant hoses. See this page for the large coolant hoses.


 HEATER CORE HOSES (1988 V-6 with A/C)

 Heater core hoses:

The large diameter heater core hose is number 10 in the picture above.  Replaces GM part number 10069158.

Small diameter heater core hose is part number 11 in the picture above. Replaces GM part number 10069156.


Small $18.72 (10069156).     

Large $20.47 (10069158). 

Use the drop down box below to select by GM part number.




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