1988 Front Wheel Bearing


1988 Pontiac Fiero Front Wheel Bearings


Here is the story on my 88 front wheel bearing hubs and why I did stopped selling them for a while:

When I first started working with this wheel hub manufacturer they mentioned these hubs would have some play in them. At that time I did not realize that tapered wheel bearings need to have some play in them or the grease on the rollers will not stay on the rollers and the bearings will heat up and fail prematurely. This is true of any tapered wheel bearing used in cars, trailers etc for many decades past (All 84-87 Fiero's have tapered front wheel bearings).  So I told them I wanted the looseness to be minimal. I do not know if they took this to heart and tried to make them with a minimum amount of play. Checking my stock I find maybe 40% are on the tight side. From a very slight amount of tightness to a somewhat noticeable tightness. Few are in the noticeable amount of tightness. Most that I hold back only feel slightly tight.

Moving on: When I first started selling these hubs I just packed them up and sent them out. I did not think to check them to see if they were tight, loose or otherwise. A few that race an 88 Fiero bought them and some did not last too long (the other wheel hubs available today generally won't even make it around the race track one lap if you want to compare mine to the aftermarket hubs available today). A few that daily drove their 88 Fiero had some early failures also.  What is interesting here is that one guy that races an 88 Fiero on long high speed race courses bought a pair and they held up all of one whole season (I believe he is in southern California so they certainly have a long season). One of his hubs started to get a little more on the loose side near the end of the season but one was still OK.  This is what I base my theory on.

Before I recently stopped selling these hubs (because I only want to sell top quality parts and accessories) I started taking them out of the box and rotating them. I found some rotate easily and some have more rotational resistance. So I have only sold the hubs that rotated easilyor only had a slight bit of rotational resistance. I also added maybe 2 ounces heavy Mobil One gear oil but found they weep oil past the seals. The seals are only to keep water etc out. As the hub heated up (this is normal) a small amount of oil would move past the seal. So recently (the few I have sold to those who contacted me and want one or two hubs) I only add maybe 1/2 to 1 ounce of Mobil One gear oil. I am not sure if adding this small amount the Mobil One heavy gear oil is beneficial but this small of an amount may not tend to weep out past the seals over time.I also use a locktite product and locktite the covers on.

So my theory is: The hubs that turn easily may last long term. So for the time being I am going to start to sell these again and I will only sell the hubs that rotate easily. Time will tell if they hold up long term. I'm probably not going to offer a warranty on them much past a year or two but the lower price reflects that.



Double tapered roller bearing design.

 OEM GM part number for cross reference: 7466939



Some that have purchased these 1988 Fiero wheel hubs have asked why they have a small amount of play in them. Any tapered roller bearing (automotive or trailer) has to have a small amount of looseness or no grease will stay on the rollers and the bearings will overheat and fail quickly. Any web searches on how to adjust tapered wheel bearings will show this.



NOTE - Racing use: Useing these wheel bearings in 1988 Fieros for racing. I offer no guarantee that these will hold up in race cars. Time will tell how well they will hold up.  As you can see in the picture they have many tapered rollers in them.  Note: The steel covers can work their way loose when used in severe duty racing conditions. Those using these for racing should make a steel band to go over the cover to keep it in place or tack weld the covers in place.

NOTE: You may want to consider using my HD rebuildable 1988 front hubs for your race car:




Interchange numbers:

513040      BR930039       7466939       20-39



Torque the three (3) mounting bolts to 62 foot pounds. The 1988 GM service manual has the wrong value.





1988 Pontiac Fiero front wheel bearing hub - each: $69.99 





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