Insulator bump stops



 If your headlight lid goes down then pops back up it is most likely a missing bump stop (insulator).


Here is a topic on the C5 forum.


GM part number 16524060. Headlight bump stops. No longer available from GM.


Reference the TSB page: Bump stop TSB page. This is for the drivers side only.

Special steel spacer washersGM part number 11505463. I had these steel spacer washers made and these steel spacer washers are now included in all my C5 headlight gear kits!  NOTE:  I also had these steel spacer washers made in a better size to match the bosses on the headlight motor. The GM steel spacer washer is very large. My steel spcer washers are about the same size as the bosses on the motor making them almost invisible when installed.



 7-25-2013: I now have these in stock! See a write up on the Corvette forum:

The inside dimensions are exactly the same as the GM originals The outside dimensions are exactly the same as the GM originals
Another view next to a GM OEM bump stop. My reproductions are the same as the GM originals. A tough slightly soft high impact plastic material. They fit snug on the steel brackets just like GM OEM bump stops do.



These are made from the same type of plastic GM used. Others in the market place are made from a brittle plastic and do not last!




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