Electric Window Helper(s)




Make your electric windows work better!

(Order 2 to do both windows)


What are they?

These Electric Window Helper Modules work in conjunction with your power window switches increasing the voltage/amperage that is supplied to the electric window motors.

How do they work?

When you push one of your electric window switch(es) all the power from the car battery goes thru the electric window switch and then on to the electric window motor(s).  Any degradation of the contacts in the electric window switch(es) results in the electric window motors receiving less than 100% of the battery power.  As the electric window switches in your Fiero age they wear and lose their ability to pass power on to the electric window motors.  Once these Electric Window Helper Modules are installed, all the power sent to the electric window motor is now sent thru these units.  Your electric window switches now control the window accelerator units.  Even the most worn and degraded electric window switches will still work and control these units.

Why is this better?  

These Electric Window Helper Modules have heavy duty contacts, each rated at 30 amps.  The average draw on an electric window motor is less than 10 amps.  They are also protected by Metal Oxide Varistors.  What do these MOVs do?  They protect the contacts from degrading over time.  You can demonstrate this by plugging a high amperage appliance such as an electric space heater into a wall outlet and (while it is working) pull the plug from the outlet.  You will notice a spark.  This spark is what degrades your electric window switches over time which reduces their effectiveness.  The MOVs absorb this energy and greatly reduce or eliminate this spark.  Our Electric Window Helper Modules will keep working like new and provide 100% of the electrical power to the electric window motor(s).

I have already installed new window switches. Will these help me? 

Field tests have shown that even those that have installed new electric window switches still show a significant increase in electric window speed after these units have been installed.

REVIEW: Rodney, I received and installed the "Electric Window Helpers" (2). A piece of cake to install. Timed the windows (stop watch), before and after installation. Before Installation, windows up/down took 6.2 to 8.5 seconds; After installation, windows took 3.5 seconds or less, up or down. A fine addition.
Thanks again,
Don Ruckman 


NOTE: Many things contribute to slow electric windows. All the electrical connections (starting at the battery) degrade over time, corrode etc.  If the dew wipes are hard that can make them go slower. WIring connections degrade over time. Switches get dirty. The tracks get full of dirt and the grease turns into putty. Another problem is aftermarket window electric motors are low quality. One can take everything apart and clean and relube everything.



Electric window helper module:  


How to install them:



Each Electric Window Helper Module modifies one electric window.  

Two(2) units are required for your Fiero.


 Electrical/electronic parts are not returnable.




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