Aluminum Cradle Bushings 1984-1987





 Tighten up your suspension with these aluminum cradle bushings.



Aluminum cradle bushings for the 84-87 Fiero using the factory steel sleeves


Original OEM type:  

Aluminum Cradle Bushings Red

Aluminum Cradle Bushings Red

Aluminum Cradle Bushings Black

Aluminum Cradle Bushings Black


Aluminum Cradle Bushings Installed

Aluminum Cradle Bushings Installed

This a complete set of aluminum rear cradle bushings to fit the 1984-1987 Pontiac Fiero. Replace your old worn out GM OEM rubber cradle bushings with these precision machined aluminum rear cradle bushings. The 1988 Pontiac Fiero rear cradle is solid mounted.
In my opinion using aluminum cradle bushings is far superior to using OEM factory rubber bushings and much better than using aftermarket polyurethane cradle bushings. Improves handling.
If your rear cradle bushings are worn you will notice a significant improvement once these aluminum rear cradle bushings are installed. A step by step instruction sheet is included.

Available in Black or Red anodized.

NOTE: These aluminum cradle bushing kits above are my original design that use the original GM steel bushing sleeves. To install these bushings you remove the rubber from the original frount cradle bushing sleeves and replace the rubber with these aluminum bushings. If your front cradle steel sleeves are in poor condition or you prefer a heavier duty design check out my new weld in type cradle bushing kit below. 

Flap Sanding Tool Included


Includes a 2” sanding flapper wheel for sanding the inside of the front cradle tubes!



Heavy duty weld in type cradle bushing kit for the 84-87 Fiero rear cradle

This kit includes new heavy duty steel sleeves to replace the thin wall factory steel sleeves in the front of the engine cradle if your sleeves are rusted beyond reuse. You can probably use these and not weld them in but to make sure they are secure I suggest welding these HD steel sleeves in place once they are installed.  These sleeves are thicker walled than the factory steel sleeves. The front aluminum bushings in this kit are thus smaller in diameter. Available in black or red.

The weld in type includes both the front and rear cradle bushings plus the new HD steel sleeves. 

HD steel sleeve kit that installs into the front of the 84-87 cradle. The section of Fiero front cradle shown is not included in the kit. It is only there to show how the new HD steel sleeves will fit into your front cradle holes. HD steel sleeve kit installed in a front section of a Fiero cradle. The front section of the Fiero cradle shown in the picture above is not included in the kit. It is only being used to show how the new parts fit in the 84-87 front cradle on your Fiero.

OEM Aluminum Cradle Bushing Kit: $98.99 (Use factory steel sleeves)

HD Aluminum Cradle Bushing Kit: $124.99  (Weld In new steel sleeve)



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