1984-1987 front upper ball joint








  • 1984-1987 Pontiac Fiero Front upper adjustable ball joint  
  • Fits all 1984-1987 Pontiac Fieros. Coupe and GT.
  • Top quality aftermarket replacement upper adjustable ball joint.

Replace you stock worn non-adjustable upper ball joints with this top quality aftermarket adjustable ball joint. This ball joint has slots to allow for adjustment when the front end is aligned. The OEM original upper ball joints do not. Replacing worn suspension parts with quality replacement parts will ensure your Fiero handles as well as new again.

New design. My 84-87 front upper ball joints now have a drilled shaft and include a castle nut and cotter pin. Many if not all of the 84-87 front upper ball joints on the market today do not have a drilled shaft and include a nylock type nut. Insure that the nut will not become loose with my new design 84-87 front upper ball joints.


Also consider:   84-87 front upper ball joint paddle nuts. Alignments are much easier when you use my paddle nuts!



Receive 10% off on any purchase of 4 or more tie rods and/or ball joints (any combination).   For any order of 4 or more ball joints and/or tie rods I will deduct 10% off all the ball joints and tie rods in that order.

Note:  You may have noticed that many auto parts suppliers and others have reduced their prices on ball joints and tie rods recently. This is because they are now selling made in (mainland) China ball joints and tie rods. All my ball joints and tie rods are made in Taiwan. Their quality is well proven. I will continue to sell made in Taiwan ball joints and tie rod ends only.


NOTE:  You may have noticed many ball joints and tie rods being sold today no longer have castle nuts and cotter pins. They often times now have nylock nuts. I, for one, would not want a ball joint or tie rod that has nylock nuts on any of my vehicles. All my ball joints and tie rods have castle nuts and cotter pins.






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