1993-2002 Firebird Headlight Rebuild Kits-Brass






Red Firebird 


Brass Replacement Headlight Gears For The 93-02 Firebird / Trans Am

Best headlight motor rebuild kit on the market today!



Do not waste your time and money on the aftermarket plastic gears!  They are very poor quality and typically last a very short time. Do it right the first time!!


Precision CNC machine made brass headlight gear to replace the failure prone plastic headlight gear in the 93-02 Firebirds and Trans Am. Easy to install. Complete instructions are included. Each gear kit includes a packet of high temerature grease which is superior to the grease originally used. The side cover will need to be pried off to do this repair but that is easy to do. An urethane glue packet is included with each gear kit to glue the side cover back on. Includes all that is in the picture below. A new brass CNC machined gear, new rubber bumper, high temerature grease, epoxy and the special steel brace and bushing.

Symptoms of a failed gear in the headlight motor:
If your headlight motor makes a grinding noise when turned on or turned off (this usually happens at the full open and full closed position) this is what you need to repair your headlight motor. If you do not repair or replace your headlight motor once this begins to happen - sooner or latter the headlight will not raise at all. If you have the factory alarm/remote door locks the headlights may act funny if you have a headlight motor that is in need of repair.

The OEM plastic gear and the rubber bumper are the weak parts in these headlight motors. Once rebuilt with my new heavy duty gears and rubber bumpers the headlight motors should last the life of your car.

New design! Re-Engineered for even longer lasting life!
Now upgraded to include a newly engineered special steel brace with a special plastic support bushing. I have noticed a few glue joint failures. Glue joint failures happen because the plastic that these headlight motors are made of does not take any adhesive well. The glue joint surface is small and once installed it has to take a tremendous force that occurs when the headlight gets full open and full closed and stops abruptly. I have added a special stamped steel brace with a special plastic bushing. This brace and bushing does two things. It applies a slight pressure against the side cover helping to eliminate side cover glue failures. But most importantly it adds a new bearing surface to support the shaft thus removing all the pressure of the shaft from the side cover and transferring it to this new brace. Once installed this repair should easily last the life of the car.    "If you do accidentally get grease on the joint, one C5 owner who is a chemist says you can successfully clean it off with acetone, and the urethane adhesive will then bond to the housing."


Motor with brace installed

Motor with brace installed

Brass Headlight Gear Kit



Why buy a fragile OEM replacement motor assembly when you can make your original GM motor assembly heavy duty with this replacement gear!




93-02 Firebird Headlight Gear (Installed)

93-02 Firebird Headlight Gear Brass (shown w/ bumper)

93-02 Firebird Headlight Gear (shown installed)


Each gear includes a complete detailed instruction sheet that tells you step by step how to remove the headlight motor from the car and how to open the motor to replace the gear. This is an easy do it yourself repair most anyone can accomplish with basic hand tools.

OEM#'s: 16516653, 16516654, 16524229, 16524230.



Brace and urethane ordering note:    Each headlight gear kit includes the brace, urethane and rubber bumper. I sell the brace, urethane and rubber bumper separately for those that have bought my gear kits before I developed this upgrade and now wish to upgrade to the new side brace(s).  Click here for sperate these seperate parts.






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