1988 Fiero Steering Rack Bushing






The rack and the pinion gear is never replaced on rebuilt units as you can not get new ones. With new Inner tie-rod ends, and a new rack bushing, you can rebuild your 88 rack yourself for much less than buying the standard rebuilt units.


(88 Steering Rack Bushing)


The 1988 passenger side steering rack bushing is made out of bearing bronze alloy C93200. This is the much better than the material rebuilders commonly use. It requires that you drill 2 holes and rivet it in with two 1/8" stainless steel rivets (included). The original plastic bushing is no longer available through GM.





 Note : Before ordering any parts take the time to pull the passenger side boot back to see if any looseness is in the rack bushing or inner tie rod. You can cut the original metal clamps. Use plastic tie wraps to replace the steel clamps. Also look at the inner steel rack to see if it is rusted. If it shows any signs of being rusty all the rust will have to be polished off before a new rack bushing can be installed.




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