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Star (Torx) Exhaust Studs V-6
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Ferrari Window accelerators $119.00



Ferrari 308 328 348 Mondial 512... Window Accelerators 

Also fits Dino 246 and most all ealier models. To be sure do the test shown below.



Now even smaller in size! 

Now at a lower price and better quality compared to the other units that are available on the market today!! 

Do you own a Ferrari and the electric windows are terribly slow? Try my cheaper/better window helpers/accelerators. New and improved!  These are now my redesigned Ferrari window accelerators where the componants are soldererd to a circuit board and bedded in potting material. Better quality and now available at a lower cost than the other Ferrari window accelerator kits available on the market today!   100% waterproof!

If you have a 70's - 90's Ferrari that has terribly slow windows like I had on my 1990 348 TS - this kit will make the windows move up and down at a more normal speed. Easy to install. $119.00 per pair (One unit per door) plus $8 shipping. Includes installation instructions.

The advantages of using a circuit board: There are several advantages of using a circuit board for these Ferrari window accelerators. All connections are soldered. There are no “push on” spade terminals used (other units on the market use push on spade terminals). With a circuit board there is no chance of a marginal connection at anytime of its use.

 Built in arc suppression. There are two MOV’s (Metal Oxide Varistors) on the circuit board. What do the MOV’s do? The MOV’s absorb any arcs created when the window switch is released. This insures long life for the window switches. A good example of this is if you have an appliance that has a large amperage draw such as a portable electric space heater. When this heater is on and you pull the plug from the wall outlet you will notice a spark. This also happens in window switches. When you release the switch there is a small arc created each time. Over time this arc degrades the contacts in the window switches. The MOV’s mounted in these window accelerators eliminates that spark thus greatly extending the life of your window switches. My window accelerators are the only units in the market today that utilize this arc suppression circuitry.

This circuit board is inserted into a plastic box and filled with an epoxy potting material. This insures a waterproof and vibration proof device. Included in these kits are all the necessary parts for installation. Butt splices, shrink tubing, top quality 3M double sided emblem tape and some tie wraps.


Never suffer from slow windows again!

You will be amazed at how fast your windows move with these installed. They certainly will not be lightning fast but will generally move at a very reasonable speed. Never again be embarrassed about your slow moving windows on your Ferrari!! The 348 I purchased in early 2007 had windows that barely moved up.
They moved down only slightly better. To get them up I had to open the door, stand outside the car and push the electric window switch while pulling up hard on the glass window. Even then it was a struggle to get them to go fully up. Once I installed this accelerator device the speed of the windows increased dramatically. Although they are not super fast they move at a very reasonable speed.

They do not fit all Ferrari's Please do the test listed below to insure they fit your Ferrari before ordering these kits.

To test your Ferrari

There are 2 variations of the electric window circuitry on Ferraris. Most are the type that are compatible with my window helpers. To determine if you have the circuit that works with these window helpers you need to first test for compatibility. You will need a 12 volt test light. By test light I mean a 12 volt bulb with 2 wires. If you touch these 2 wires across a 12 volt battery the bulb lights . Take off an inner door panel. Find the wires that go to the window motor. There are 2 wires that go to the electric window motor. If there are connections that is good. If not you will need to strip a small amount of insulation off each of the 2 wires to do the test. The two wires may also be inside a plastic tube. This tube will need to be opened to get to the two electric window wires. Ground one wire from the test light to the door. Make sure the ground is good. Turn your key on to run (no need to start the car). Put the other end of the test lead on one electric window wire and see if the bulb lights. Take that same test lead and put it on the other electric window wire and see if it lights. If the bulb does not light my window helper will work on your Ferrari. You can double check and hold the test lead on one wire and push the button up and down. The bulb should light in one direction. If you put the test light wire on the other electric motor wire the test light should light when the switch is pushed the other way.


How They Work

Typically the single biggest reason Ferrari windows from these years do not work well is because the existing electric window wiring harness does not provide a good ground to the electric window motors. The way the Ferrari electric window system works is when you push the button to go up one wire is positive 12 volts and the other wire is the ground. When you push the button to go down the polarity in these two wires is reversed. The opposite wire becomes the positive 12 volts and the other wire becomes the ground. Although there can be voltage losses in the wiring harness, switch and any connections along the way - providing a better ground will significantly improve the speed at which the windows will move. This box provides an improved ground making the window motors work much better as they will now receive more voltage and amperage. There is no added burden on the stock wiring harness. There are no detrimental effects to the stock wiring system or switches. This box senses which wire is hot and automatically makes the other wire become the ground and it directs that wire directly to the door frame. These are not always a cure-all for slow windows. You may have other problems like old dried up grease in the window lift assembly or marginal connections in the rest of the electric wiring system. This kit will not correct those types of problems. In most if not all cases the speed of the windows will increase dramatically.


How to install them: These window accelerators are very easy to install. You remove the inner door panel (just the lower section if the door panel is several pieces). Generally there is a speaker in the door. Remove the speaker. Behind the speaker will generally be the 2 wires going to the electric window. You will cut both wires and add this window accelerator to the existing wires. The black wire from the box goes to a good ground. Generally to a bolt that is close by. An installation sheet is included.


 Waterproof construction. The boxes are 100% sealed. Thus they are sealed so no moisture may enter because they are now bedded in a potting material. The grounding lug is soldered on to the black ground wire providing a durable/failure free connection. Easy to install. Works very well. Everything you need is included. Nothing else to buy. Installation instructions included. You will need to have an electrical crimping pliers for the electrical terminals (to crimp the butt splices) and a heat gun for the heat shrink tubing. Borrow one or both if need be to do this installation. To connect the wires to the factory wires I include butt splices and pieces of heat shrink tube that has an adhesive/sealant inside providing a waterproof connection. I also include some tie wraps and 3M double sided tape. Each relay unit has two holes that may be used if you prefer to use screws for mounting the units.

Questions? Call me at 262-835-9575 or email to

 Typical installation:

May not work with the drop top 348 and 355. We have found these may not work with the drop top 348's and most likely will not work with the drop top 355's. I have only seen this a 2 times so far.  So it may work on most and not work on only a few? We are not sure why. To date (February-2018) it has happened on only 2 cars. 


This is from an early Dino owner:

Hey, Rodney, they worked great, on the 246/Dino E, late USA  version, thought, you, should know, thanks again John...


Installed into a Testarossa:


Sold in Pairs. One for each door. One kit does two doors. $119.00 per pair.





Shipping in the USA via Priority Mail is $9.00

Shipping to areas outside of the USA: Generally I ship these kits postal air first class mail. Shipping varies depending on what country they are going to. It ranges from $18.25 to Canada to $24 or more to Japan/Australia etc.




I do not offer free shipping.

Because I use postal flat rate boxes for heavy orders there is no program that can add the proper amount of shipping to every order. So all shipping is added manually by myself after you place your order. That is explained here: Shipping added later explanation 

When you place an order the shipping amount will show $0.00. Soon after you place an order you will receive an email confirmation that shows the amount of shipping that was added to your order.




This product was updated on Tuesday 12 February, 2019.
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